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You oven is one of the most expensive and frequently used appliances within your kitchen. With time and usage, however, your oven gets dirty and with an unpleasant odour and all this uncleanliness lowers its work capacity. Cleaning and scrubbing your oven by yourself is time- and effort- consuming task. Furthermore, there is no guarantee you will get the desired cleaning results with simple cleaning detergents. Now you do not need to worry about oven cleaning- feel free to discard your domestic oven cleaners and leave the hard work to the professionals.

Our efficient and high-quality oven cleaning session is the perfect way to get rid of the dirt, burnouts and grime built up inside your cooker. We possess a team of highly-skilled professionals fully trained to ensure spotless cleaning results. All of our staff is fully insured and qualified so you can rest assured your appliance is in professional hands! Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, and impeccable cleaning results all delivered on affordable rates so be sure that your needs and requirements always come first!

Here is a list of the steps our professional oven cleaning session includes:

  • Dismantling the oven, hob and extractor
  • Soaking the removable parts in dip tank with our professional cleaning solution
  • Manually scraping the burnt on carbon, grime and grease
  • Full cleaning of racks, fan, panels, light bulb protector and trays
  • Taking the door off
  • Dismantling the door and cleaning glass panels internally and externally
  • Taking off buttons, hob parts and extractor filters; washing them separately
  • Re-assembling of the parts
  • Polishing the oven, extractor and hobs
  • Thorough inspection of the oven upon the completion of the service

You will be amazed by the cleaning results we will deliver! Our skilled oven cleaning technicians will aim to fulfil their cleaning tasks with the minimum hassle and in the quickest time manner. They will also make sure the floor beneath the oven and the surrounding kitchen counter tops are protected. After we are done cleaning the oven, we always ask the client to come and inspect our work and see if they are satisfied by the cleaning results. And remember, your oven is ready for usage immediately as we do not use any toxic or harmful cleaning detergents.

As professionals, we recommend professional oven cleaning at least once every half year in order to maintain your appliance in perfect condition!

Trust our expertise and professionalism today and benefit from a top-notch oven cleaning session on a reasonable price!

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